Buffalo Mountain


Trail Stats & Info

RT length 6 miles
Elevation gain 3,010 feet
Difficulty Strenuous
(scrambling involved)
Lowest elevation 9,770 feet
Highest elevation 12,788 feet
Trail type out & back
Trails Illustrated Map™ # 108
Restrooms @ TH? no


From I-70, take exit 205. Head north on Highway 9. Take a left at Wildernest Road. Follow Wildernest Road for 3.5 miles. (Wildernest Road becomes Ryan Gulch Road). The parking lot is just left of the road where the road curves. Trailhead is across the road with a post marked as “Buffalo Cabin Trailhead”.



This is a great hike that’s not too long and not too short with a lot of elevation gain! The trail starts out with a slight incline, then gets steep pretty quickly. Once you’re out of the trees, you have to tackle the infamous boulder field which is not too bad as they’ve placed a good number of cairns along the trail. If you keep your eye on those cairns, it makes the boulder field a lot more manageable. I thought I was almost done once I got to the top of the boulders, but boy was I wrong. After the boulders, you still have to hike probably another mile or more to get to the summit. Be on the look out for mountain goats as I came upon one munching on the bushes right next to the trail. He pretty much just stared at me and I felt more comfortable walking off the trail to give him and me enough room. Once at the summit, there were even more mountain goats! There were probably about 10 of them grazing at the top. They kept their distance and so did I. Great views of Red Peak, Eccles Pass, Red Buffalo Pass, and Dillon reservoir. Coming back down wasn’t as easy as going up. It was really hard on the knees while going down the boulder field and the next part of the trail after that. Definitely, a great hike if your training to do a 14er! I did the hike in about 4.75 hrs. There were a lot of people on the start of the trail; mainly families and all. Once you get to the steep part, it was definitely less crowded.

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