Eccles Pass


Trail Stats & Info

RT length 10.2 miles
Elevation gain 2,760 feet
Difficulty moderate-strenuous
(due to length)
Lowest elevation 9,200 feet
Highest elevation 11,960 feet
Trail type out & back
(unless backpacking)
Trails Illustrated Map™ # 108
Restrooms @ TH? no


From I-70, take exit 203. In the roundabout, take a right the 2nd dirt road (first dirt road is a private road). Follow the dirt road till the end, which is the parking lot. Trailhead is at the north of the parking lot. Follow the signs for “Meadow Creek Trail”.



Beautiful hike! This trail has a variety of scenery, from a forest of trees to open meadows and to awesome views of the Gore Range. The first half of the hike has a lot of bugs/mosquitos, so make sure you bring your deet. This time of year, there were a lot of variety of wildflowers and it was absolutely gorgeous! The hike from the alpine meadow to the pass is not that bad at all. I did not go to Red Buffalo pass, just Eccles. If you have the time and energy, others have told me it’s worth going to Red Buffalo Pass. At Eccles Pass, there are amazing views of Red Peak and you can see the trail that goes over Eccles and towards Red Buffalo. This is Eagles Nest Wilderness, which has a network of trails and is a popular backpacking area. If you forget your deet, then just keep walking and swing those arms! (This is what I ended up doing and I only got one bug bite which is really good for me as I am very prone to mosquito bites). The parking lot gets very full, to the point where a lot of cars were parked along the dirt road. If you want a parking spot during the weekend, make sure you get there early in the day. I completed this hike in about 5 hours, which includes snacking at Eccles Pass and speed hiking on the way back. This trailhead is also the start to other hikes in this area, so the beginning of the trail does get a little busy before Meadow Creek Trail branches off.

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