Gem Lake


Trail Stats & Info

RT length 4 miles
Elevation gain 1,250 feet    
Difficulty moderate
Lowest elevation 7,580 feet
Highest elevation 8,830 feet
Trail type out & back
Trails Illustrated Map™ # 200
Restrooms @ TH? yes


From Estes Park, take US 34 to MacGregor Ave. (Devil’s Gulch Rd.) Follow the curve towards the right and take a left at Lumpy Ridge Rd. Follow this road to the all the way to the end to the parking lot.



This is a pretty easy trail that is at the outskirts of Rocky Mtn. National Park. You can enter the park without having to pay the entrance fee at this trailhead. If you do want to do overnight camping, then you do need to purchase a overnight backcountry permit. The trail gradually climbs and in no time you can see views of Longs Peak and Estes Park below. As you get towards the lake, there are unusual and neat rock formations. They look like lumpy layers of rock, hence the name “Lumpy Ridge”. Not too far from the lake, there is a large boulder that looks like Paul Bunyun’s boot. Once you reach Gem Lake, you can definitely see the lumpy rocks that sit behind the lake. We did this hike when there was still some snow on the trail, so the lake was still frozen over, but nevertheless, it is a scenic area. The trail continues on deeper into Rocky Mtn. National Park, but plan on staying overnight, if you decide to do that.

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